How much blood will I lose?

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How much blood will I lose?

Although a person’s first few periods are often light — bringing a few spots of red-brown blood throughout the week — you may have a heavier flow. Your monthly period will follow a more consistent pattern once your hormones stabilize.


The average person loses up to 6 tablespoons of blood during menstruation. That may seem like a lot of blood, but it’s usually about 1/3 of a cup at most.


Heavier bleeding isn’t necessarily cause for concern. But if you feel like you’re losing too much blood, tell your guardian or talk to the school nurse.


You should also tell a trusted adult if you:

  • have to change your pad, tampon, or menstrual cup every one to two hours
  • feel lightheaded
  • feel dizzy
  • feel like your heart is racing
  • have bleeding that lasts more than seven days


Your guardian or other adult may need to take you to see a doctor to talk about your symptoms.


The doctor can help determine whether you’re losing too much blood. They may be able to give you medication to help relieve your symptoms.

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