Pads and pantyliners

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Pads and pantyliners

Sanitary pads are rectangular pieces of absorbent material that you stick inside your underwear.


All pads have a sticky strip on the bottom. That’s what attaches the pad to your underwear.


Some have extra material on the sides, known as “wings,” that you fold over the edges of your underwear. This helps keep the pad in place.


Pads typically need to be changed every four to eight hours, but there isn’t a set rule. Simply change it if the material feels sticky or wet.


They come in different sizes. Each size is made to accommodate a different level of bleeding.


Generally speaking, the smaller the pad, the less blood it can hold.


You’ll probably use a more absorbent pad at the beginning of your period then switch to something lighter once the bleeding slows down.


You may also find it helpful to wear a heavier pad overnight so you don’t have to worry about leakage.


Even the largest pads are still quite thin, so you shouldn’t be able to see it through your clothes. If you’re worried that people might be able to tell, stick to looser-fit bottoms.


Panty liners are smaller, thinner versions of a sanitary pad.


You may find it helpful to use them a couple of days before your period is supposed to start to prevent accidentally bleeding on your underwear.


You may also want to use panty liners toward the end of your period, as the bleeding may be spotty and unpredictable.  You can also wear pantyliners every day to protect your underwear from discharge.

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