You are stronger and wiser for it all

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You are stronger and wiser for it all

Of course, second-time motherhood comes with  its own sets of challenges. You just have a few more tricks up your sleeve.


First-time moms also put a ton of pressure on themselves. When you have your second or third child, you start to get a little gentler on yourself because you understand more what it’s all about.


While there will always be self-doubt, moms of more than one kid know that they have figured this out once before, so they can figure it out again.


Second time moms know about the physical discomfort that is part of the first few weeks postpartum. They know the level of sleep deprivation to expect. They know how their moods may swing wildly in the early days. While this knowledge doesn’t make these things a non-issue the second time around, it does take away some of the surprise and can help them feel more prepared.

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